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CPM Cloud Protection Manager
Enterprise-class EC2 Backup
and Disaster Recovery
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CPM for AWS Managed Service Providers

CPM enables MSP’s to easily expand their AWS managed services and increase revenue stream by offering a reliable, enterprise-class backup-as-a-service.
On top of its broad range of backup & recovery features, CPM is highly suitable for use by MSP’s:

green-v  Control & Security: the CPM server runs in the MSP’s own environment and not on an external server, providing more control and security.

green-v  Multi-tenancy Architecture: CPM is designed to serve multiple users, each managing multiple AWS Accounts. Users are completely separated from each other, so end users can be allowed to login to CPM, if needed.

green-v  Flexible Deployment: You can launch one or more CPM servers in your environment to service multiple end-users or choose to launch a dedicated CPM server for specific users (e.g. enterprises) 

green-v  Use-based Business Model: Subscription charges for MSPs are based on resources and accounts, providing clear visibility into the actual use for each customer.

green-v  Flexible backup policies and schedules: No two customers are alike. CPM policy-based backup allows quick setup of a separate backup policy to meet each customer’s unique needs.

green-v  Application-consistent backup: with a variety of applications used by end users, CPM enhances the reliability of backups by supporting consistent backup of applications, such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint.

green-v  Improved ROI: CPM’s affordable prices and pay-as-you-go business model enable MSP’s to avoid high costs of implementing and maintaining custom-built backup and snapshot automation solutions.


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