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CPM Cloud Protection Manager
Enterprise-class EC2 Backup
and Disaster Recovery
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CPM - Cloud Protection Manager

Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) is a full-featured enterprise-class backup, recovery and disaster recovery solution for Amazon EC2 Instances, EBS volumes and RDS databases, utilizing the AWS native EBS and RDS snapshots.

CPM is operated from a CPM Server - an appliance running on an EC2 instance within the user’s environment – that directly connects to the user’s AWS infrastructure to perform backup.

Once subscribed to the edition of CPM that meets your needs on the AWS Marketplace, a dedicated CPM Server instance can be launched from an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

CPM provides a simple, intuitive and user-friendly web interface to easily manage your EC2 backup operations.

cpm architecture diagram cloud protection manager



  • Flexible Backup Policies & Schedules:
    • Backup as frequent as you need and save snapshots as long as you need, for example:
      • Backup one instance daily and save for 30 days.
      • Backup another instance every 30 minutes and save backups for 2 days.
    • Different settings for every policy:
      • Application consistency
      • How many generations of data to keep
      • Retries in case of failures.
      • Backup on the instance level, volume level, RDS database and Redshift Cluster.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR):
    • Copy your EBS snapshots to other regions
    • Flexible Scheduling - You don't need to copy every backup
    • Recover instances and volumes in other regions with a few simple mouse clicks.
    • Complete Disaster Recovery Solution - Recover your CPM Server in another region, and then use it to recover all your other data.
  • Cross-account Backup, Recovery & Snapshot Vaulting:
    • Available only in Advanced and Enterprise editions
    • Allows to copy snapshots between AWS accounts and regions
    • Allows to keep snapshots in both accounts or just one of them
    • Snapshot Vaulting: Allows protecting the target account against wrongful snapshot deletion
    • Allows recovering EC2 instances and EBS volumes across accounts
  • Rapid & Flexible Recovery:
    • Recover a complete instance with all its configuration and data – in a mouse click
    • Recover specific volumes and auto-attach them to instances
    • Stay with the default – or change whichever setting you need.
    • On-the-fly automatic creation of AMIs from snapshots.
  • Application Support – Makes sure your data is in a consistent state during backup.
    • VSS support for Windows 2008 & 2012 Servers – automatically backs up a Windows server consistently without any down time – file system, registry and applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQLServer and Oracle.
    • Backup scripts support for Linux & Windows servers – give your own hooks to backup applications consistently: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, XFS etc...
  • Automatic Retention – Automatically deletes old snapshots based on policy
  • Agent-less – No need to install any backup software on your Linux instances
    • Backup scripts will run on the backup server and use SSH to interact with the backed up instance.
    • Windows instances will need CPM Thin Backup Agent to support scripts and VSS – the agent’s installation and configuration process takes 30 seconds.
  • Secure:
    • All communication with CPM server is encrypted (HTTPS, SSH).
    • CPM database is in complete control of the user.
    • AWS credentials are never passed in clear text and secret keys are encrypted in the CPM database.

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