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CPM Cloud Protection Manager
Enterprise-class EC2 Backup
and Disaster Recovery
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  • What is CPM?
  • Why do I need a backup solution for my data in the cloud? Isn’t all the point of the cloud is that the data is safe there?
  • Wouldn't the safest way to take EBS snapshots is to shut the instance down?
  • Do I need a disaster recovery solution for EC2 instances?
  • How do I purchase CPM?
  • Are you supporting the built-in AWS Marketplace Free Trial?
  • Why can’t I just use EBS and RDS snapshots directly to back up my systems?
  • Can CPM also back up instance-store based instances?
  • What is CPM's DR or Disaster Recovery feature?
  • Why shouldn’t I just use my legacy backup solution to back up my EC2 data?
  • What will running DR (disaster recovery) to other regions cost me?
  • If there's an outage in the EC2 cloud, isn't my snapshot data useless until the outage is fixed?
  • Is using CPM complicated? Do I need special training to start working with it?
  • How do I purchase CPM? Is it software I need to buy a license for?
  • How do I get billed for using CPM?
  • Will I need to install software on my EC2 instances for CPM to back them up?
  • Can I create application-consistent snapshots of my Linux EC2 instances?
  • Can I create application-consistent snapshots of my Windows EC2 instances?
  • How can I estimate the total cost of a snapshot-based EC2 backup solution using CPM (including snapshot storage costs)?
  • To use CPM I need to type in my AWS account credentials. Is it safe to do so?
  • Can I use CPM server if my instances are in a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)?
  • Can I terminate a CPM server and, after a while, launch it again and continue from where I stopped?
  • If I back up an instance with more than one EBS volume, will I get snapshots of the volumes at the exact same point in time?
  • How can I cancel my CPM subscription and what happens then?