• Flexible backup policies and schedules
  • Consistent Backup of Applications like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB and more
  • Disaster Recovery - Recover complete instances in other AWS Regions in seconds
  • Rapid recovery of EC2 instances, including all volumes and configuration, with a simple mouse click
  • "Pull" and "Push" Alerts and Notifications

Marketplace Reviews & Testimonials

  • CPM exceeded goals… Great product at an amazing price
    I needed a backup solution that did many things while meeting an aggressive RPO & RTO and prevent Goodwill from EVER being down.  EVER.  I needed instantaneous restorations on failure... CPM gives me all that with the reporting I need, and delivers it at an affordable cost.

    Briley J Yetter, Goodwill, September 2016
  • Backup solution that is suitably robust, scalable, and secure
    “As a managed service provider with 20 years’ experience.. we were looking for a backup solution that was suitably robust, scalable, and secure for our AWS clients.  We’ve found Cloud Protection Manager to meet those needs as well as being intuitive and easy to setup helping us to focus on keeping our clients’ critical IT applications running whilst providing them with peace of mind.”

    Phil Jaquenoud, AWS Technical Operations Manager, Attenda,  2016
  • Best Backup for the money
    In looking for a backup solution for our AWS environment we tried several vendors, but CPM was the best solution... It was easy to setup and intuitive to configure our Linux and Windows servers (including vss). What really sold…was the great support we received…

    Jeff Strupp, 2016
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  • N2W make my life easier and fit for enterprise
    … I need a single pane of glass with reporting and alert function to manage my AWS environment. I found N2W is easy to deploy, they have good documentation and responsive support team. Nice GUI, I don't need to spend much of time to find what I need…

    Thomas, 2016
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  • We couldn’t survive in the Cloud/AWS without CPM
    We manage hundreds of instances, volumes, and TB’s of data.  CPM has been so tightly integrated in to our daily processes, whether it’s DR, individual volume recovery, or snapshot management…  Simply put, it’s practically a sure thing.  In the rare occasion we have needed additional support, the support team has stepped up quickly and professionally.  We couldn’t be happier with CPM.”

    Kevin J. McCarthy, Afinety Inc. August 2016
  • Cloud Protection Manager is what AWS backup is missing.
    CPM is the only cloud backup solution I have found that competes with traditional data center backup offerings.

    IT Operations, March 2014
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  • Best backup product available
    CPM Backup is great for backup and restore all AWS environments whatever small or big.
    Consistent Windows backups is a must have for us .. And the new file level restore feature is a cool option.. Requested features are implemented in an adequate timeline…

    Alexander Schmid, 2016
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  • CPM - Great for SQL Servers!
    CPM provides a missing link for those virtual machines that are migrated from on-premise to AWS.. We need to perform VSS snapshots so that there is a point in time backup with all SQL transactions.. CPM performs this..seamlessly with a user friendly interface and easily configured schedules and backups. This works great and creates vm-level AWS snapshots which can be moved to different regions.. and work reliably. CPM meets all of our goals!

    Brent, October 2016
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  • Best Tool To Manage Ad Hoc AWS Instance Backup.
    There aren't a lot of good solutions (or any) to keep track of snapshot backups. CPM does everything we need and keeps everything nice and neat.

    Principal Systems Engineer, March 2014
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  • CPM fills a huge gap in EC2 backups.
    CPM is the only backup solution built on AWS and ‘designed for EC2’. CPM is the only EC2 backup platform that has a Windows Server agent.

    AWS User, September 2013
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  • Cloud Protection Manager is what AWS backup is missing.
    We have been using CPM to back up our AWS infrastructure for about 3 months and could not be happier.

    IT Operations, March 2014
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  • Backup and Recovery Ease 
    As someone once said, "Backups are's the recovery that's the real test." They are exactly right. I got my first chance to do a Microsoft Windows server recovery using the CPM product. The process really was quite straightforward and took only a minute to restore the instance back to a working condition. Would highly recommend giving the product a trial.

    Redparadox, April 2016
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  • Cloud Protection Manager is what AWS backup is missing.
    100% of the time CPM restored a perfect copy of the original.

    IT Operations, March 2014
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  • Great, simple to use solution for AWS backups.
    CPM always worked flawlessly and when we had questions or feature requests N2W always listened and reacted to our favor. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Senior Systems Administrator, May 2014
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  • The support staff for N2WS has been great.
    They always respond to support requests very quickly and have helped us through any problems we have encountered with the product. They also have been very helpful letting us know what new features and fixes are in the pipeline.

    Nicholas Webb, February 2015
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  • Best Tool To Manage Ad Hoc AWS Instance Backup.
    CPM allows our clients to login and check on backups as well, if they so choose. VSS backups for Windows instances is a nice add-on as well.

    Principal Systems Engineer, March 2014
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